The future of fashion meets your creativity!

In this engaging session, I’ll guide you through the fascinating process of transforming AI-generated art into chic, customized shirts - perfect for personal wear or to start your own unique line.

🎨 What You’ll Learn:

🌟 Seamlessly integrate AI art into shirt designs.

📝 Step-by-step methods to transfer your digital designs onto shirts using a Cricut machine.

📃 A detailed list of materials will be provided ensuring you’re fully prepared for this crafting adventure.

✨ While this isn’t strictly an AI art class, I’ll include a brief demo on creating an image using ChatGPT’s Dall-e program. This demo will be your stepping stone into the world of AI art and its application in fabric design. Don’t miss this opportunity to blend technology with traditional crafting. Whether you’re looking to enhance your wardrobe, gift something special, or kickstart a business, this class is your gateway to endless possibilities.

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Experience the Magic of AI in Crafting!


Q: What is AI Art? A: AI art is a form of digital creativity where artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT’s Dall-e program, generates unique artwork based on text descriptions. It allows users to create diverse and intricate designs, which can be customized for various purposes, including crafting and fashion.

Q: Is this class beginner friendly? A: Yes. this is an introduction class to creating art with AI and graphic shirt making with Cricut

Q: When will I receive the class after purchase? A: Immediately after payment.

Q: What if I still have questions after the class? A: Ask all the questions you need to in our Cricut support group

Due to the nature of our digital products and classes there are no refunds.